Bruce McMeekin has a combination of unique skills and expertise that is frequently lacking in many law firms, making him an ideal conflicts counsel. He is capable of providing excellent service to your clients at a reasonable cost, should this prove challenging to do in-house.

Bruce has a high degree of respect for referrals from other lawyers and he does not accept a retainer without a request from the referring law firm. Provided there is no conflict of interest, he keeps the referring lawyer involved in the matter to the extent the lawyer and client request, including decisions about the course of the litigation and resolution discussions.

Where conflicts of interest do exist, Bruce McMeekin is a capable conflicts counsel with the experience and judgment necessary to maintain the integrity of the prior attorney-client relationship. He not only provides the client with the highest quality of service, but also enhances the client’s pre-existing relationship with the referring law firm.

Litigation is risky. Bruce minimizes the risks associated with bringing a matter to trial by focusing on the issues that advance the interest of each specific client. As an independent counsel, he takes reasonable and responsible positions – not ones that may reflect badly on the client, or your law firm.

Contact Bruce today to discover a team player who is available to assist you and your clients, and not out to compete directly with you.

It’s always an honour to have a matter referred to me by another lawyer; it’s a sign of respect that I’m always careful to safeguard and reciprocate.

J.Bruce McMeekin