Environmental Law & Litigation

Based in Toronto, Bruce McMeekin is recognized as one of Canada’s top environmental lawyers. His 27 years of experience as a lawyer include acting as co-counsel in The Walkerton Inquiry for the Town of Brockton and attending as counsel  in the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Castonguay Blasting.

Environmental regulation permeates just about every business sector and regulators are empowered by statute with wide ranging powers of inspection,  permitting their entry into regulated businesses to audit their compliance. Inspections can quickly turn into detailed and time consuming demands for operating information and new or amended licensing requirements, all of which can be enforced by Orders that have limited rights of appeal.

Spills must be reported immediately to regulators, triggering intrusive inspections and Orders to determine and abate the cause and remediate the damage.

Inspections and spills reporting are frequently the genesis of investigations, charges, and prosecutions, exposing organizations and their management and employees to substantive fines, and even the risk of jail time.

Bruce is a Law Society Certified Specialist in Environmental Law. He has acted for numerous clients operating in a variety of business sectors, including waste management, recycling, transportation, manufacturing, land development, construction, and energy. He regularly assists clients with permit and approval issues, Orders and related appeals, transactional issues, inspections, investigations, and prosecutions and environmental litigation at large.

Bruce McMeekin is a valued member of the team when your organization requires the expertise of an environmental lawyerl.

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