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Offering SNC-Lavalin A Remediation Agreement May Be Unlawful, But Not For The Reason You May Think

As the debate continues about the propriety, and, possibly, legality of the alleged encroachment on Crown discretion (as exercised by the Director of Public Prosecutions), by some federal cabinet members…
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Government Tables Enabling Legislation for Deferred Prosecution Agreements

A month after it announced as part of the federal budget that it intended to introduce deferred prosecution agreements, the government tabled Bill C-74 on March 26. Through proposed amendments to…
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Deferred Prosecution Agreements

As an alternative to prosecution, the Feds are taking a serious look at bringing in DPAs in situations wherein organizations have committed some financial crimes and corruption offences. They have…
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We’re Under Investigation. What Now?

Hands down, the question I get asked most frequently by in-house counsel or senior management is: “We’re under investigation. The officer wants to interview some of our employees. How do…
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Canada Should Consider Using Deferred Prosecution Agreements

A Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“DPA”) is a discretionary tool available to prosecutors for the resolution and disposition of corporate criminal conduct. Essentially it is an agreement between a criminal prosecutor…
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Special to the Financial Post: Reward Anti-Corruption Policies


SNC – Lavalin Charges Underline the Need to Re-think the Integrity Framework

The two criminal  charges laid February 19 against SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., one if its divisions and a subsidiary relate to the companies’ alleged nefarious involvement in pre-revolution construction projects in…
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SNC Lavalin: Too Big Not to Prosecute

I really had to give my head a shake after reading the October 7 Globe & Mail article: “SNC-Lavalin chief warns criminal charges could force closing or sale” In an editorial…
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