Administrative Monetary Penalties

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AML & ATF Regulation: Federal Court Quashes FINTRAC AMP

In considering an appeal from the imposition of an administrative monetary penalty (“AMP”) by FINTRAC, the Federal Court recently made two findings that are likely to impact: (1) the scope…
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Anti-Money Laundering: The Federal Court Releases its First Decisions on Appeals From Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)

FINTRAC started imposing AMPs in 2009, but it has taken until 2014 for the first appeals from the decisions of the FINTRAC Director reviewing AMPs to be heard and decided…
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Recent Administrative Penalties Published by FINTRAC

On July 28, FINTRAC, Canada’s anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism financing (ATF) regulator, published on its website the details of sizeable administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) it has recently levied against…
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Railway Safety: Ottawa Announces its Intention to Implement Administrative Monetary Penalties

A few months prior to the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, amendments to the Railway Safety Act came into force, empowering cabinet to implement Administrative Monetary Penalties (“AMPs”) as a Transport Canada enforcement tool….
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