Bruce McMeekin Law

Nirula v. Regional Municipality of Niagara (ONT ERT 2016)

Can a CPA with a limited Power of Attorney for property be ordered to indemnify a municipality for the costs it incurred cleaning up pollution?

McQuiston v. Director, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (ONT ERT 2016)

Does a limited power of attorney for property engage the holder’s liability for pollution?

Counsel , R. v. Castonguay Blasting (Supreme Court of Canada 2013)

Is the statutory duty to report pollution under the Environmental Protection Act engaged when a discharge of fly-rock causes property damage but no damage to natural environment?


Counsel, R. v. R.W. Tomlinson Limited (Ontario Court of Justice 2011)

Should an appeal be allowed from convictions under the Ontario Water Resources Act when there are incomplete and inconsistent reasons provided by the trial justice?


Counsel, Inquest into the death of Steven Lundy (2010)

An inquest into a fatal work-place accident.

Counsel, R. v. Cox Construction Limited (Ontario Court of Justice 2009)

Did a construction company exercise the reasonable care required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to provide for the safety of subcontractors on its worksite?

Counsel, Professional Engineers of Ontario v. Stuart Carter (Discipline Committee of the Professional Engineers of Ontario 2009)

Should a professional engineer be disciplined for alleged breaches of the Professional Engineers Act?

Counsel, R. v. Ronald Carter (Court of Appeal for Ontario 2008)

Through a condition included a Probation Order, can a consultant convicted of regulatory offences be prohibited from working in his area of expertise?