Regulatory Offences

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Recent OHSA Convictions Lead to Big Fines

We are  just within the first week of July and already the Ministry of Labour has obtained fines this month totaling $325,000 on four separate convictions: Parker Hannafin Canada pleaded…
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Is it an Accident? Or a Crime?

The June 20th conviction of a Montreal driver for two counts each of dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death, highlights once again the difficulty in distinguishing crimes…
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Disclosing Personal Information Part II: We All Are Anonymous When Using the Internet

In May I blogged that the 2012 decision of the Court of Appeal for Ontario in R. v. Ward provided a good explanation of how police services could obtain information from…
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Railway Safety: Ottawa Announces its Intention to Implement Administrative Monetary Penalties

A few months prior to the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, amendments to the Railway Safety Act came into force, empowering cabinet to implement Administrative Monetary Penalties (“AMPs”) as a Transport Canada enforcement tool….
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Disclosing Personal Information

It was interesting to hear the mini-flap in the media earlier this week over the Interim Privacy Commissioner’s revelation as to the number of times in 2011 internet service providers…
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Regulatory Modernization Act: The Ontario Court of Justice Relies on Multiple Previous Convictions Under the EPA to Impose a Rare Continuous Jail Sentence for Workplace Safety Offences

The Regulatory Modernization Act (RMA) was enacted by the legislature in 2007. Under section 15, it permits the Crown to request a more severe penalty for convictions under a provincial…
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