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Advocate Daily: Regulatory charges laid in train disaster not surprising

Corporate litigator and regulatory lawyer Bruce McMeekin says it isn’t surprising that the federal government has laid new charges in connection with the 2013 train derailment disaster in Lac-Megantic…..Read more

Advocate Daily: SCC clarifies issues around admissibility of expert evidence

The Supreme Court of Canada has settled the long-standing debate about how issues of independence and impartiality of expert evidence should be resolved, says corporate litigator and regulatory lawyer Bruce…
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Lawyers’ Weekly Article: Quebec railway tragedy will test the law

The flexibility of the criminal law as a sanction for catastrophic environmental damage is soon to be tested.  On Jan. 15, it is expected that the preliminary inquiry will be…
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The Divisional Court Upholds the Constitutional Validity of Renewable Energy Approvals

Section 7 of the Charter can be engaged in situations outside of the criminal law when policy supported regulatory legislation seriously threatens the security of the person. “Serious” in this…
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Rarely Applied Revenue Stripping Provision Results in Huge Fines

A large number of regulatory offences are subject to so called “revenue stripping” provisions. Their purpose is to authorize justices to increase fines imposed on convicted defendants by an amount…
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Is it an Accident? Or a Crime?

The June 20th conviction of a Montreal driver for two counts each of dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death, highlights once again the difficulty in distinguishing crimes…
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Lac-Mégantic Criminal Charges: How is the Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway Exposed to Conviction?

Criminal prosecutions of corporations are rare in Canada. The police and Crown appear to prefer the prosecution of individuals, reflecting, perhaps, a shared belief that the conviction and punishment of…
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Regulatory Modernization Act: The Ontario Court of Justice Relies on Multiple Previous Convictions Under the EPA to Impose a Rare Continuous Jail Sentence for Workplace Safety Offences

The Regulatory Modernization Act (RMA) was enacted by the legislature in 2007. Under section 15, it permits the Crown to request a more severe penalty for convictions under a provincial…
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