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Advocate Daily: SCC clarifies issues around admissibility of expert evidence

The Supreme Court of Canada has settled the long-standing debate about how issues of independence and impartiality of expert evidence should be resolved, says corporate litigator and regulatory lawyer Bruce…
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Special to the Financial Post: Reward Anti-Corruption Policies


SNC – Lavalin Charges Underline the Need to Re-think the Integrity Framework

The two criminal  charges laid February 19 against SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., one if its divisions and a subsidiary relate to the companies’ alleged nefarious involvement in pre-revolution construction projects in…
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Lawyers’ Weekly Article: Quebec railway tragedy will test the law

The flexibility of the criminal law as a sanction for catastrophic environmental damage is soon to be tested.  On Jan. 15, it is expected that the preliminary inquiry will be…
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The Limits of the Criminal Law: The Superior Court Declines to Quash Bar Owners’ Discharges on Wrongful Act Manslaughter Charges

In February 2012, a patron and sometimes employee of the Angry Beaver bar in Belleville was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle on Highway 401.  She had entered…
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SNC Lavalin: Too Big Not to Prosecute

I really had to give my head a shake after reading the October 7 Globe & Mail article: “SNC-Lavalin chief warns criminal charges could force closing or sale” In an editorial…
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Lac-Mégantic TSB Report Released

The TSB report (released August 19) on the Lac-Mégantic train derailment really held no surprises when it came to the failures of the MM&A. The company was found to have…
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Protecting the Results of Your Internal Investigation

You have done the right thing by going to the time and expense of finding out what caused a major spill of chlorine from your facility. Workers have been interviewed…
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